Friday Night In

The Vortex Centre For Wellbeing

151A Hyndford Rd, Lanark, ML11 9BG


What To Expect

A transformative journey of guided breathwork, meditation, deep relaxation, cold and heat exposure.

Reset and reconnect with your inner self to remember what it feels like to be truly happy.

Guided Breathwork,

Relaxation & Meditation

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Reconnect and Remember through Direct Experience Who and All That You Are

  • Align all 12 systems of the body back into coherance.

  • Restores Balance and Promotes Natural Healing.

The Vortex Cold Shower

& Ice Bath

  • Reduced Physical Pain

  • Improved Sleep/ Abilty to Switch Off

  • 1 Intentional Breath & a Big Enough Reason 'Why?' is ALL that's required to experience the many miraculous benefits of Cold-Exposure

The Vortex Wood Fired

Barrel Sauna

  • Reduced Inflammation

    and Pain

  • Detoxification and Purification

  • Improved Sleep and Stress Management


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Community & Connection

Join others who feel just like you do.

Friday Night In creates a space for connections to be made with like minded souls.

Jim McFadyen

For almost 3 decades Jim has been on a Devotional Journey of Self Discovery and Mastery that has been remarkable in many ways.

With the simple intention to discover "who he REALLY was" back in 1997, his story and experiences along his Way including the many lessons learned from some of the 'Greats' have allowed him to create and ultimately share 'The Program' he has been 'Blessed With' after all those years of his 'Work'.

One of the first certified breathwork and cold exposure experts in the World Jim has shared his vast knowledge and experience with over 10,000 people since these modalities came into his own life and daily 'work' in 2016.

Jim's workshops are renowned for their safe, nurturing atmosphere, where transformative experiences are not just possible, but expected.

Profound transformations on all levels have been reported and experienced by many who have been on a Guided Breath-Work Journey under Jim's Instruction.

There is Simply Nothing Like IT.

Out Of The head and mind - Back Into The Heart And Soul.


What to Bring

  • Swimwear

  • 2 x Towels

  • Warm Comfy Clothes For Lying Down Breathing

  • Flipflops (ideally)

  • Water for drinking

  • Open Heart and Mind


How much does it cost?

Friday Night In is £70 per person - £30 deposit when booking, £40 cash on the evening.

(For Program Members £50 per person - £30 deposit when booking, £20 cash on the evening.)

Do I need any prior experience in meditation or cold exposure?

No previous experience required. Jim has safely guided over 10,000 people through breathwork, meditation and cold exposure over the past few decades. It is highly likely you will have a life changing and profound experience.

What should I bring?




Warm comfy clothes

Open Heart & Mind

Where is it?

The Vortex Centre For Wellbeing

151A Hyndford Rd,


ML11 9BG

Health & Safety

You are required to take full responsibility for your own health and Wellbeing, make sure you are in good physical health and are able to sit in an ice-bath and extreme heat...❤️🙏❤️

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